How it Works 

Effective and efficient solutions to regulatory compliance, ESG and risk management requirements at the click of a button. Explore a wide range of consultants across a number of sectors, specializations and regions.

 Find efficient solutions to regulatory compliance, ESG and risk management requirements. Hire high-performing talent, teams and solutions on demand. 



Post a Job for Free

Describe the details of your job, project and required skill sets.



Evaluate the Bids

Compare the talent pool and pricing. Schedule video meetings to interview prospective candidates.



Hire Top Talent

Extend an offer to be executed at an hourly, project based or recurring rate and complete secure and efficient payments.

Create your own consultancy business for free using our platform. Work When, Where, and for Who YOU want. Explore a wide range of jobs and projects working for dynamic businesses. Leverage your individual experience and expertise within regulatory compliance, ESG or risk management. Outline desired terms and pricing to suit your individual needs



Upload a Profile, for Free

Showcase your talents and skills sets as well as desired pay range and availability.



Review Job Opportunities

Search and receive notifications on various jobs, projects and roles, and determine best fit.



Apply to Jobs

Submit proposals to clients based on matching qualifications and experience. Execute job and project responsibilities. Secure and efficient payment processes for work completed.

How it works

Find High Performing Consultants

On Regulatory Risks you'll find a range of vetted top talent across individuals, teams and solution providers who are experts in Regulatory Compliance, ESG, and Risk Management matters:

  • Tell us about your Job/Project and required qualifications and skill set
  • Our search functionality uses data science to highlight consultants based on their skills, helping you find talent to match your needs
  • Consultants can also review your job/project and submit a proposal

We have several measures in place to ensure Regulatory Risks is a fair and reliable marketplace.

How it works

Hire Industry Experts

Invite candidates to submit bids, then review and hire your preferred consultant.

  • Browse profiles: View preferred consultant profiles including previous client ratings, experience, skills and more.
  • Review proposals: Evaluate bids, taking into account each consultant's qualifications, thought process, timeline, and overall cost.
  • Schedule a video or audio discussion: Ask specific questions, further understand experience and proposals to determine the best candidate for the Job/Project.

How it works

Work Efficiently & Effectively

Each job or project includes communication tools and an online workspace for you and your consultant(s), allowing you:

  • Options to hire immediately
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively:: Video and audio communication tools.
  • Send and receive files: Deliver work products in a secure environment.
  • Share feedback in real time: Use Regulatory Risks Messaging System to communicate via message or chat.

Built into Regulatory Risks are opportunities to choose between fixed-price Jobs/Projects and hourly billing rates. You and your consultant can also agree on milestones.

How it works

Secure and Reputable Payment Platforms

Pay your consultant(s) by the hour, or a fixed price for the entire job/project. Use our escrow service to release funds as pre-set milestones are met.

  • Simplified global payments: Ability to transfer funds via secure and reputable payment platforms.
  • Only pay for work you authorize: Regulatory Risks has a dispute resolution function built in for work delivery and integrity.
  • Invoicing and reporting: Regulatory Risks maintains a database of all transaction history.

Create an Account

The Regulatory Risks platform enables consultants to find ideal and fulfilling roles to grow your own consulting business remotely.

  • Freedom and Autonomy: On Regulatory Risks, you run your own business and choose your own clients, jobs and projects. Complete your profile, search jobs and projects, obtain client invites and apply for compelling opportunities.
  • Optimize Pay with Transparency: Clients are now paying top prices for peer-to-peer, high-quality work and the market determines the price.
  • Diversified Opportunity Set: High demand for regulatory compliance, ESG and risk management subject matter experts creates a compelling supply of job opportunities.
  • Great Execution Equals Great Success: The more success you have on jobs and projects, the more likely you will get hired by our Clients in the future that use Regulatory Risks.

Search Jobs

Regulatory Risks makes it easy to connect with clients and begin executing great work.

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Regulatory Risks’ sophisticated algorithms highlight ideal jobs for ease of use.
  • Honored Rating System: Your success on the site will automatically generate more visibility and more jobs.
  • Fulfilling Work with High Quality Clients: Regulatory Risks’ Client relationships will generate superior opportunities and potential long-term, recurring assignments.

Work For Yourself

When you are on the Regulatory Risks platform, you have the freedom and flexibility to who you work for, when and where. Each job or project includes communication tools and an online workspace shared by you and your client, allowing you to:

  • Communicate efficiently and effectively: Video and audio communication tools.
  • Send and receive files: Deliver work in a secure environment.
  • Share feedback in real time: Use Regulatory Risks messaging system to communicate securely via message or chat.

Regulatory Risks provides a user-friendly platform to help you communicate, share files, track your time, and get paid via a secure payment system.

Get Paid Efficiently and Securely

The Regulatory Risks platform ensures that consultants get paid for all work successfully completed for jobs and projects.

  • All invoices and payments happen through Regulatory Risks: Count on a simple and streamlined process.
  • Hourly and fixed-price projects: Submit timesheets and project milestones through Regulatory Risks. Funds are released via Regulatory Risks escrow features. Regulatory Risks also has a dispute resolution system, enabling fair and equitable mediation.
  • Multiple payment options: Choose a payment method that works best for you through our secured payment options.